Cumberland cryptocurrency trading team

cumberland cryptocurrency trading team

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Backed by DRW & Cumberland, we are a team of blockchain developers, product managers, researchers, traders, former founders and business. Cumberland is not only a highly experienced and professional crypto trading firm, it is also a company that is strongly connected with some of the largest. As a crypto market maker, Cumberland provides dependable liquidity for digital assets. Founded in , it's a subsidiary of DRW, a diversified.
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The irony is that DeFi primitives could have been used to help mitigate the potential for bad actors to perpetrate such a fraud. The market treated some folks as if they were saviors when really, they were just irresponsibly long. Liquidity refers to how easily a digital currency can be converted or swapped with other assets, tokens, or fiat currencies. Moreover, its experience as a market maker includes the bull run of and the crypto winter in See All Blog Articles.